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"Mad Men is a show that defies easy categorization, because it qualifies for so many: suspense, melodrama, farce, comedy, tragedy. At its core it is existential horror, like Waiting for Godot or reality. There’s nothing as easy as a supernatural component or thematic metaphor to tie it up with a bow. Like real life, Mad Men is littered with false doors and loose threads. There’s no hero’s quest for vengeance, no big crime to be unraveled, no zombies to kill. There are no manipulative plot twists or their cousin, deus ex machina, no easy ways out, and maybe no way out at all. This might frustrate a viewer looking for traditional clues and obvious arcs, but it’s satisfying on a much deeper level. The show’s big mysteries might be subtler, but they are richer, more universal questions. Who are we? What are we doing here? Why do we fall in love or out of it? Why do we grow old and die?"
— Molly Lambert (via mysweetetc)
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20 April 2014
Backstreet Boys is finally old enough to order its own beer ~ happy 21st ♥

2x13 // 6x20

Happy Easter! [x]

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All I ever want to watch.


All I ever want to watch.


Favorite West Wing episodes ~ Dead Irish Writers

“Claudia Jean, let’s get drunk.”

Welcome Terry & Janet

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